Wednesday, April 15, 2020

4576 To My Younger and Some Older Friends

We all seem to need big deals in our lives. And this Coronavirus is exactly that.  When we don’t have Something Really Important, we manufacture our own, Fortunately for many, the Coronavirus the first really global big deal of your lives.  And that means you should consider lowering the importance of your personal big deal for the time being.

If you’re an American, act like an American. Follow the rules. Take the precautions.  Distance. Mask. All that.

This virus is as big as most of the really big deals in American history.

The Revolution. The Civil War. WWI. The Great Depression. WWII. Korea. Desegregation.  Vietnam. Even 9/11.

And here’s what Americans did, for the most part, most of the time in most of these cases.

They put their personal dramas on hold, joined their neighbors in fighting to end the main Worst Case of the moment.

Your views on race, gender, discrimination, guns, medical insurance, generational i.d., juror nullification, pot legalization, animal cruelty, any “ism,” income inequality, minimum wages, individual rights, the guy whose dog uses your yard as a bathroom, who should use which bathroom in restaurants, real estate taxes, education, private vs. public schools, charter schools, fraternities and sororities, sports teams, the place or lack of place of pineapple on pizza or which city has the best kind, alumni associations, street gangs, motorcycle helmets, the afterlife, religion, abortion, the role of video games in actual violence, rural life, suburban life, city life, the death penalty, sentencing guidelines, silent rooms in libraries? 

Sure they matter. And you can get back to them after we solve what matters to each and all of us -- including you.

(NEW ORLEANS) -- The 5th Circuit appeals court has blocked Texas from banning all abortions for the duration of the Coronavirus.

(DENVER) -- The 10th Circuit appeals court has blocked Oklahoma from banning all abortions for the duration of the Coronavirus.

(CHESTERFIELD VA) -- Bishop Gerald O. Glen of the New Deliverance Evangelical church told his congregation he would continue to hold regular services unless he was “in jail or a hospital.” He then held a service and soon after, died.

(MINEOLA NY) -- The Nassau County Police Department announces it will test all officers for Coronavirus.  The “deputy sheriffs” also will be tested.

(EAST MEADOW NY) -- Sheriffs’ deputies at the Nassau County jail welcome the tests. Deputy Brian Thuggley says “we don’t want to give our inmates anything contagious.  Heh heh heh.”

(UNITED NATIONS NY) -- President trump says he’ll withdraw US funding of the World Health Organization because WHO doesn’t agree with his pseudo policies on Coronavirus.  Someone please tell trump it’s congress and not the Ultimate Authority White House that contributes and can withhold WHO funding.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
Any questions?
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