Wednesday, April 22, 2020

4579 Stop Whining and Pitch In

You want to open everything up?  Leave me out.  We’re not ready for that.  And anyone who tells you we are doesn’t know what he/she/it/they know what they’re talking about.

The cartoon below and others like it is making its way throughout the rurals:

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This is untrue on a lot of levels. This is an international health crisis and the name of the game is protecting one another.

We didn’t and don’t know what the Covfefe Virus is going to do next… where it’s going to go… who it’ll hit and how badly.  So, yeah, you’re bored.  You and your significant other are fighting about everything. And nothing. The saloons are closed.  Gasoline’s cheap but there’s no place to go and your mileage has raised to three gallons a week. The bars are closed? Drink wine instead, available at a supermarket near you -- or a convenience store with a beer license.

Stop whining. Wear a mask. If you can’t find one, make one. There are all kinds of videos. Lysol spray on the doorknobs.  Wear a hat and leave it on the porch or in the garage.  Especially my fellow baldies.

Don’t watch the idiot president’s daily self promoting video appearances. You never believed a word he said, anyway.

Shop early. The stores are less crowded and there’s still hand sanitizer left in the dispensers many have at the front door. Stay home as much as possible even if you can’t stand your spouse and he or she can’t stand you.  Watch movies on TV or Netflix or whichever pay-per-view you buy. Read. Nap. Skype. Zoom. Make a phone call.

Finish the basement. The big-box hardware stores are open.  Check your bank account every hour to see if your trumpcheck has arrived.  Write letters. Write emails.  And remember you may be bored and frustrated and angry like most everyone else.  But you’re still up and breathing without a ventilator.

But the day is young.


(FLUSHING) -- Jlo is thinking of buying the New York Mets.  Every girl needs a hobby. Plus empty seats at CitiField were common even before the commissars forced you behind walls. 

(NEW YORK) -- trump’s company has asked president trump for bailout money.  Again?

(HOUSTON) -- Former Secretary of State ReXXon has returned to the company.  He is pumping gas at a convenience store near his Houston mansion and has subscribed to Berlitz Learn to Speak Arabic-Someone-With-An-Expired-Visa.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
Any questions?
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