Friday, April 17, 2020

4577 President Limbaugh

The only time you'll see this guy to the left of anyone. Pic was pre his ear implants.
Who’s running this show, anyway? Is it really the hoodwinking reality TV star or the loudmouth (Formerly?) drug-addled radio star, Rush Limbaugh?  It’s Limbaugh, even though “no one” listens to radio anymore.  It’s Limbaugh because as a stage four lung cancer patient with self-induced deafness, he has nothing to lose.

In fact, Rush is a pretty talented radio guy. Unfortunately for the rest of the country he’s abused that talent by finding a niche that appealed to a small knot of wackos and managed to expand that knot into millions of listeners longing for simple answers to complicated questions and willing to believe anything that coincides with their supposedly conservative longings, lustings and delusions.

trump wanted to do his own radio show.  Kind of a radio version of his failed TV show.  But he didn’t want to “compete with … Limbaugh.”  trump turns to Rush for instruction.  And Rush knows just how to kiss trump’s ass to keep the relationship safe and the instruction going. Professor Limbaugh isn’t above coddling his favorite students.

Oh, every once in a while, the president cheats on Rush.  You know, like when he watches Fox or that even lower lowlife One America News.  But as he did and probably still does with women, trump returns to his true love, Limbaugh, at least until the divorce or the next other woman.  

Well, no. His true love is himself. But Rush must be #2. Like Avis, he’ll have to try harder.

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- Talk show bananahead Michael Savage has turned his savagery against some of his fellow right wingnuts. He calls them scientific illiterates since he has a Ph.D. in ethnomedicine from that bastion of conservatism, the University of California, Berkeley and knows something about diseases.  But he still supports trump.

(HARRISBURG) -- The governor of PA has decreed all people who work or shop in open businesses wear masks.  Try and find any! Maybe a Halloween mask you forgot to throw out?

(TALLAHASSEE) -- The governor has declared WWE wrestling an essential business and therefore may continue to stage live matches in Florida. Do they have a version of the Marvel comic “Masked Raider?”

(SACRAMENTO) -- McClatchy, the second largest local news organization in the country and now in bankruptcy has opened itself for a sale.  This raises concerns about someone taking this awkward and ill-prepared giant.  It also concerns its current owners that no one will want to buy the place.  Would you?

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