Friday, April 10, 2020

4574 Meet the Press... Secretaries

Kayleigh McEnany rolling out her new job. Watch out when the new job rolls back. In this administration, they usually do.

Some of them you could take seriously, even if you didn’t like the President of the time.
--Eisenhower’s Jim Hagerty, former NY Times Reporter.
--Kennedy’s Pierre Salinger.
--Johnson’s Bill Moyers.
--Ford’s Jerald terHorst.
--Reagan’s Jim Brady.

Nixon had Ron Ziegler who called Watergate a “third rate burglary.” So he’s a notch below the list. 

Yes, the job of press secretary is to tell the public what the president is doing or thinking or planning.  It usually comes with a pro-presidential spin.  But we expect that and know how to deal with it.  None of the above were cheap TV Shopping pitchmen. Most were truly serious people with decent education and dedication not just to their boss, the President, but to the American people.

Once we got to trump… well, you know.
--Sean Spicer
--Sarah Huckabee 
--Stephanie Grisham (who?) 
Annnd now…
Kayleigh McEnany.

What circus did the president raid to find these clowns?

Spicer was so easy to parody that all you had to do was dress up in an ill-fitting suit, stand behind a platform and read Sean’s words without changing any of them.

Huckabee (or Huckabee Sanders if you must) brought the art of lying to a new level.  If she told you skies were sunny, you’d instinctively take your umbrella.  She could hold up a piece of red paper and tell you with a perfectly straight face “it’s blue.”

Grisham was a ghost.  She gave exactly no briefings.  What did she do for her +/- $200,000?

And now, there’s Kayleigh.  She’s 31 years old and has a relatively long history with trump who has become his own press secretary for which he allegedly is not paid extra.

McEnany was a campaign worker.  Got on CNN a lot spouting pro-trump baloney all the while.  She was CNN’s token trumpette. 

During her earlier days, she was a covfefe virus minimizer.

She was an Obama birther. Is that the kind of thing they teach at Harvard Law?  If it is, there should be a mass-migration of students to one of Betsy DiVorce’s pet for-profit schools.

- “We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here.” --Kayleigh on CNN in February.


(WASHINGTON) -- Dr. Fauci says Americans should stop shaking hands forever as a way of avoiding future outbreaks of trumpvirus. Never much liked handshakes anyway.

(LONDON) -- You’ll surely be happy to know that Boris Johnson is improving.  If ever there were someone who needed improvement and wasn’t president of the US, it was Boris.

(NEW YORK) -- Convicted price gouger Martin “Pharma Bro” Shkreli wants out of jail so he can help research a drug for the trumpvirus. Shkreli is serving a seven-year term in federal prison. He’s best known for raising the price of a life-saving drug from around $14 to around $750.

(WASHINGTON) -- The International Air Transport Association wants the government to eliminate the rule requiring refunds for passengers on cancelled flights.  Do they even do that? Your check is in the mail?

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