Friday, May 22, 2020

4592 You Broke it, You Bought it

The Flag Code, federal law since 1942, directs that American flags in this condition be “destroyed with dignity, “preferably by burning.”

That breakage aphorism hangs on the walls and from the ceilings of many a china shop.  It is directed at the bulls, at least the ones with some form of currency.

With unemployment at its current trump-induced level, few of us are bulls, people expecting a rising stock market. Nor do we have much cash.  But we have in fact broken it.  We broke it by allowing an antiquated electoral system to overrule the peoples’ vote and putting into office a president with no policies, no scruples, no sense of right and wrong… who sees no difference between the world as it is and the world from which deep staters and space aliens plant notions in such parts of his brain that actually work.

Part of it is the handiwork of the lunatic right and the angry whites. But part of it also is the work of the so-called loyal opposition which nominated the second most repelling candidate in electoral history. Hillary makes Nixon look good. trump makes Nixon look saintly.  Well, maybe not saintly, but a lot better than we thought of him at the time. Makes you long for a third rate burglary and secret tape recordings with erased gaps of, oh, say, 18 minutes.

So with three million more votes than trump, Hillary should be president, right?  Wrong.  That’s because the in-place status of the electoral college makes the real decision about who takes the oath of office.  And because its members are politicians coated in sleaze -- please forgive the redundancy -- what we get is … what we got.  Three million votes were not enough.  Miserable as she may be, Mrs. Clinton should have been the one standing there before the (photoshopped) largest inaugural crowd in history.  Not because she’d have been the first woman US President.  Not because of the weasel deals that have been the hallmark of her too-long political career, but simply because she’s not our current “wartime President.

The most important lesson trump has taught most of us has fallen on deaf ears: Don’t let him happen to you. Again.


(NEWBURGH, NY) -- A lot of movies and cheap channel TV shows have been shot in New York’s Hudson Valley recently.  But that lucrative business has fallen off to near zero. The same is true of acting, directing and craft union scabs who usually film their low budget crap in Canada.

(GAFFNEY, SC) -- Red’s Watering Hole in this tiniest of tiny towns is closed for the duration.  When open, the entire population of Smyrna can fit inside with room to spare. If a 46th person needs watering, Red’s has a nice lawn where you can sit. Will Red’s reopen someday?  No one’s saying. If not, there’s always the Coal Yard Lounge nearby.

(CHICAGO) -- This beleaguered city has lost one of its great tourist attractions. Lake Michigan has become so clean you no longer can walk on it when it’s not frozen.

(BOSTON) -- Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli have changed their plea to “guilty” in the college admissions scandal. They are said to have paid half a million dollars to the University of Southern California to admit their daughters as members of the rowing team.  Their jail sentences will be measured in months.  There’s a $150,000 fine and the two girls will have to take their online classes sharing a Compaq laptop which runs the 1985 version of Windows with a dial-up connection.

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