Friday, May 29, 2020

4595 Twitter and the President's Lies

May the bluebird of Twitter evacuate on trump’s birthday cake, or even better, on his head.
Finally.  Twitter is ready to butt heads with president trump, abuser of the small, worshiper of the dictators and the rich and powerful.  At last, they’ve taken a small step against the guy who has most effectively weaponized social media.

How?  They’ve attached corrections -- fact checks, they call them -- onto some of his lies.  He is ballistic about that.

Joe Scarboro, murderer? Lie.  The “president” doubled down and lied again.

Twitter is trump’s main detour around the real media. He uses it to deplore the people and things he fears. He uses it to belittle and bully those he thinks he can get away with mocking and to write love letters to evil dictators whose lives he envies.

His imbecile followers believe most every word. And they carry it into interactions with their friends and families … and others who may not have already swallowed a Kool-Aid that would have made Jim Jones into a piker.  And green with envy. Kiwi-Lime Green.

It’s about time Holier than Thou Twitter did something.

With any luck we can get our ration of truth without having to hunt down Snopes or AP fact check sites.

To end such truth telling the alleged president has issued an executive order barring social media from what he calls “censoring” postings.

Good going. That way we can say anything we want about trump, regardless of the truth.  Is he a child molester? A murderer? A psycho?  A tax cheat?  A fascist?  Is he gay? Is his “member” smaller than a post-rainstorm mushroom and softer? Does he owe money to Putin?  

Is Melania having an affair with that guy who rents retail space in the trump tower?  Do his kids have rap sheets? A free press is a wonderful thing.


(NEWROSES, PA) -- A small community moves, today, into the state’s “Green” district. That means if you live or visit, you can sit at a restaurant if it’s not yet at 50% of capacity, and give yourself and your neighbors whatever germs you or they are carrying.  We’ll have a tally of the trump plague increase as soon as it’s available.

(Minneapolis) -- The mayor of this large city says the fired white cop who put his knee on a “suspect’s” throat should be prosecuted. Are you kidding? It was obvious self-defense even if the victim was lying on the ground.

(Minneapolis) -- The officer knelt as if in prayer on the man’s throat. This was followed by populism showing its true face: setting fires and looting.  The people have spoken!

(New York) -- The Associated Press is making a big deal over the 100-thousand virus deaths. That’s like making a big deal out of the tenth.  We measure these passings one at a time because that’s how they affect us.

(Raleigh, NC) -- North Carolina has struck back at trump for threatening to pull the Republican National Convention out of the state.  It says “show us how you can cram 50-thousand people into an arena without increasing the number of Cofevfe Virus deaths that will result.

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