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1710 How Can This Even be a Question?

1710 How can This Even Be a Question?

Some thoughts on the third and final presidential debate:

Moderator Chris Wallace: Will you accept the results of the election?

Donald Trump: (paraphrasing) We’ll see when the time comes.


Where is it written that a candidate -- or anyone -- has to “accept” an election result?

It was a lousy question, posed by a moderator who mostly had control of the discussion unlike his predecessors in debates one and two.

The thought itself is treason.

The United States has peaceful transitions of leadership, no matter who wins or loses. Period.  It’s not up to Trump.  What does he think he can do if he loses?  Go to court in every voting precinct?  How many voting precincts are there?  Many.  But there’s no authoritative number because unlike lesser countries, individual communities not the central government run national elections.  

What Wallace apparently meant was “will you concede if you lose?”

Best answer: who cares?

In the first debate, Trump said he would support Hillary Clinton if she won and he lost.

Since he said that to an audience of more than 80 million viewers, no denial is possible.  He can’t say -- as he has so often about so much -- “I never said that.”

Wednesday -- as he has so often about so much -- he changed his mind to maybe yes, maybe no.

And yesterday, Thursday, he said he would accept the results “if I win.”

Well, at least he didn’t say “when I win.”

Dondi, we don’t do stuff like that in this country.  And don’t go yelping about Al Gore in 2000.  Gore’s challenge centered on a small part of one state, Florida.

This next part is tough: saying something nice about Richard Nixon in the 1960 Presidential election.  There was some doubt about JFK’s victory in Illinois.  And because of the small difference in votes, Nixon had the legal right to ask for a recount.

And he didn’t.  Said it would divide the country. Would a win in Illinois change who won the election?  Probably not. But it could have.

Imagine holding up Richard Nixon as example of doing the right stuff.

Today’s Quote:
“The iciest place on the planet.” --Timothy Dolan, Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Diocese of New York describing his seat between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the annual Al Smith Dinner, a traditional pre election event at which presidential rivals generally put their differences aside and joke about each other.


--Auctioneers postponed the sale of Trump’s boyhood home originally scheduled for yesterday.  They say it’s because “there may be more interest after the election.”  That sounds like a copout.

--Since Phil Chess of Chess records was the obscure cornerstone at the start of Wednesday's Wessay we should note that Mr. Chess passed away last Tuesday. He was 95 and with his brother Leonard who died in 1969 founded one of the most influential record labels of the 1950s and 60s.  They found artists like Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters and their label was synonymous with electric blues and promoting obscure artists -- mostly black men and women -- into the national spotlight.

--Back to Republican politicians for a moment.  Congrats to Nassau County Executive Fast Eddie Mangano and Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Johnny Venditto, arrested by the feds and charged with accepting bribes and taking money for no show jobs, among other things.  They join a fairly sizeable number of their party mates who’ve either done time or should have.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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