Wednesday, March 25, 2020

4567 Where in the World is Anthony Fauci?

It’s iffy, but there’s a chance the White House will say something useful or truthful and so we spin the wheel, watch the daily outpouring and hope.

As of deadline time, Dr. Fauci has vanished from the airwaves.  We need to do a TV show similar to what the Today Show did with Matt Lauer, hiding him in secret locations.  Difference here, though. We probably could find him, maybe even speak with him.  And the prize for finding him would not be a cruise to Bermuda… just an interview with a respected medical authority who made the huge mistake of talking truth to trump.  


The savvy and well-regarded media columnist of the Washington Post, Margaret Sullivan, suggests reporters stop covering the White House briefings.  She’s a personal favorite, but this time, Ms. Sullivan, you are wrong.

And as you can plainly see, the so-called briefings consist of the president telling us how brilliantly he does things, how in-control he is of the Covfefe Virus pandemic and how all’s well if we just stay away from one another and keep calm when the balmy winds of April will bring death to the germs and we can all go back to work.

We know that kind of talk for what it is.  But we also learn that he has, as of this writing, declined to implement the Defense Production Act that would bring important anti-viral materials to the people who need them.

Every once in awhile the panel of so-called experts will timidly contradict his lies (the Case of the Missing Fauci.) 

The White House has imposed a news blackout on facts in general. But trump can’t go a full day without make a fool of himself and since rallies have become unfashionable, that daily trumpized version of “The View” has become his platform.  It’s surprising they don’t play a cheer/applause track under these ridiculous appearances.

No, Margaret, we can’t stop the coverage, lame and deceitful as it is.  But there are things we can do.  First is what CBS and maybe others did Monday evening.  The “briefing” started late and was about to run into the Evening News.  CBS cut away and went to Norah O’Donnell.

And we can give more coverage to politicians like Andy Cuomo (D-NY) who gets on camera and tells it both like it is and like it should be.  His briefings should be called “ings,” because there’s nothing brief about them. But they’re still worth hearing.

Another “ing”-er, is Mayor Eric Garcetti (D-Los Angeles.) He’s getting stuff done that the horses’ rumps in Washington aren’t.  Like getting manufacturers on board, to cite just one example.  California will have its new ventilators faster than anyone else. They will be made by Americans working in … sewing factories.

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