Monday, March 30, 2020

4569 A Signature Issue

trump’s signature. Or is it the EEG of a patient having a seizure?

The so-called President has signed the bill that will send two trillion dollars into the wild blue yonder in hopes of funding the end of the covfefe virus after he did all he could to help spread it. But is this really his signature? Or is it just a photoshopped version of a squiggly line from an EKG or an EEG that some nefarious lackey has claimed while also telling us trump signed the bill?

It’s probably real. Otherwise, New York State would be getting the 30-thousand ventilators Governor Andy Cuomo says are needed, mostly in the lower city and suburban counties.

Let’s face it. Presidents are pretty busy guys. We shouldn’t be grading them on their handwriting, right?  George Washington’s wasn’t easy to read, either:

Plus the EEG hadn’t yet been invented. Or even thought of.  Kennedy, FDR, Nixon, either Bush, Obama and Clinton had illegible signatures. Clinton. In fact, there were few presidents with legible signatures:

So, we should be fair and say that the legibility of a presidential signature doesn’t mean much.

Except trump’s looks like he’s just removed his tongue from an electrical socket. And he wants his “signature” on the checks he says the government is going to send you, a-la-McGovern and Wang.

So the question remains, did he really sign the two-trillion-dollar bill that’s supposed to help fight his covfefe virus? Or was that just one of his aids, filling in for the president who was on the golf course when the legislators approved the bill and sent it to him?

Remember, things vanish from trump’s desk now and then -- before he sees them or sees them, then forgets they’re there.

It’s a good thing we don’t know if the signature is real.  But what we also don’t know and which matters, is where is that money going?  And how is it being distributed?

Do the governors of the receiving states have to pass a loyalty test? Will the governors of states like Mississippi and Arkansas get more per capita than governors of states like New York and California?  It’s hard to tell. The bill is 800 pages. Has any member of congress who voted, either way, read it and if so, do they know what they saw?

Probably not.  Congress is a sheltered workshop. No member is expected to know anything. No member is expected to be responsible for the results of any legislative outcome. No member is held to be accountable for his or her vote or position.

Preview: Wednesday 4/1/2020 Andy Cuomo’s Rudy Giuliani moment.

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