Tuesday, March 31, 2020

4570 Andy's Rudy Moment

Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is only a governor. Do not stand on the tracks of this Bullet Train when lives are at stake.
On Monday, September 10, 2001, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York, mired in scandal, surrounded by misfits and miscreants, enemy of minority residents and dictatorial dunderhead couldn’t have won an election for hall monitor or freshman class president. 

Then, there was 9/11 and all of a sudden, Rudy was “America’s Mayor,” constantly on TV, constantly reassuring, constantly blunt and to the point about what was and remains the most important peacetime attack on the continental US by other human beings.

Since then, Rudy has backslid into the caricature of a public official he’s always really been and the ambulance chaser he once was, complete with shady associates and shady deals.

Now, comes Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York.  A shark of a politician, an unlikeable man with too many friends in high places and the son of a revered former governor without his father’s substance. And he is having his Rudy Giuliani Moment.

Every day around noon, he goes on TV to tell us at stultifying length what the state needs, how the state is handling the covfefe virus, what he expects in both the near and long terms and what he wants you to do.  He is a model for telling it like it is.  Maybe we should call it a “Mario Moment.”  Except the actual Mario lived in reality all day, every day, and told it like it was in beautiful and elegant prose. He was that way full time.

Right now, it’s time to give Andy credit for what he’s doing, leading a state, one of the handful of consequential states in a time of attack from an unseen enemy.

There is no bin Laden in today’s war.  There’s no one flying jumbo jets into skyscrapers.  And there is no Secretary of Pollution like Christine Todd Whitman lying to us about the safety of the air.  It wasn’t safe then. It’s not safe now, but for different reasons.

The question is which path will Andy tread when all of this virus-mania is over? Will he remain on the high road?  Or will he slip back to form and become the Democrats’ brass knuckled hack that until recently he’s shown himself to be?

Rudy always was a grasping attention whore and fits right into the trumpistry.   Rudy cleared the streets of squeegee men, temporarily.  And turnstile jumpers.  Andy’s trying to clear the air of a deadly virus that death wraps like expensive jewelry and swallows whole.

Cuomo’s daily televised PowerPoint presentations are so good you can watch them with the sound turned off and still get the message. They are MTV music videos without the sound: tempting, informative and who cares what the songstress or the governor sounds like… just watch the pictures.

No illusions here. Cuomo is no J-Lo or Barry White.  But what he says is important, not only to the people of New York, but to the sane people of all America.

--It’s April Fool’s Day and maybe you were expecting a joke. Sorry to disappoint you.  But bad jokes this year don’t have the snap they used to.

Coming Friday: what to do when you can’t bet on sports because there aren’t any.

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