Wednesday, September 02, 2020

4635 Long Hot Summer and September in the Rain

Wonderful song, “September in the Rain.”  And it’s bringing some relief from what has been the hottest summer around here since they started keeping figures in 1852.  

Somewhere back in time they also started keeping track of a kind of ghost statistic.  The forecasters tell you what it “feels like.”  A temperature of, say, 90 can feel like 88 or 92 depending on humidity, dewpoint and all those other arithmetic things.  

But then, there’s this: Can you feel the difference between 89 and 90?  How about the guy six feet behind you waiting to get into the Lord & Taylor store that is about to close forever?  He’s a foot taller and weighs at least 100 pounds more than you do. Does that fat insulate him, or cook him faster?

There are similar concerns in winter. 

They can’t tell us what the weather’s really going to do, but they can tell us how we feel it?  Of course, with the pandemic, everyone’s getting his or her temperature taken 50 times a week.  So we’re all more aware of degrees.

That long hot summer wasn’t good news for anyone.  And it’s not just the weather, the fires, COVID 19 and the mess in Washington. It’s Minnesota and Wisconsin and Illinois and on and on.

And of course, by the time we get to the gentle autumn rains of September, we’ll have to worry about hurricanes. After which comes the “real-feel” version of snowfall predictions.


(SAN FRANCISCO) -- They call it “Meals on Heels.” Drag queens have gotten together and now deliver food to people who are homebound.

(LAS VEGAS) -- Oddsmakers can’t agree on where to set the figures for school districts and colleges in-person classes will begin.

(ROOSEVELT, NY) -- Police, the fire marshals and the State Liquor Authority raided a grocery store.  What they say they found was a basement nightclub where you could drink and gamble. 

TODAY’S QUOTE: “You know things are bad when Laura Ingraham has to save president trump from saying stupid things.” -- Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) after Ingraham chided trump for comparing a shooting to a missed golf putt.

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