Wednesday, September 16, 2020

4640 The Weather and the Campaign

  Catch what you can before it hits the water.


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, as Mr. Rogers would say.  Here in the east, there’s a touch of autumn in the air.  Leaves are thinking about turning color, mornings are brisk. Afternoons can be chilly.  


A few hundred miles to the south, a hurricane is preparing to come ashore, propelled by hundred mile an hour winds and the expected downpours and surges that follow. In the west, fires burn relentlessly and there’s no place to hide.


Nature adjusts our environments.  That’s why they call it nature.  It may seem more intense this year, or maybe we’re just all slightly paralyzed by the events coming from so many places at once.


In Mississippi, water will seep under the best of doors.  In California, Oregon and Washington, smoke will seep under the best of doors.

And everywhere there’s the virus.  And the election.  And, as usual, there’s the rule of money.  It’s easy to blame trump for all our troubles.  But trump has a lot of help, some of it involuntary.


It’s September and Latecoming Serious People are starting to contemplate the election now a month and a half away and visible on the horizon.  And strange as it seems to the Full Time Serious People, many people have failed to make up their minds.


There are two things that will happen: 1. The irrational and the cult followers will dig in their heels.  2. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be flushed away in puffs of smoke or torrents of water, a sink drain or toilet because the politicians who lead us believe that the more money they waste, the more they will convince us to vote their way.


Really?  Does all that advertising for and against candidates and issues make a difference?  The conventional wisdom says “yes,” and has data to prove it.  If that really IS true, what does it say about us?


The unconventional wisdom says “no.”  All that money could go for such luxuries as helping the un- and under-employed, feeding hungry children, developing new vaccines for the anti vaccers to decry, no matter the lives saved.


Who benefits from this spending crime?  TV stations and networks, billboard landlords, occasionally a walking dead newspaper or ten and maybe contributors who think they’re buying presidential access they can use to increase their already bloated fortunes.


What does all that advertising say about the way the spenders see the voters?  It says we’re all a bunch of mindless cretins who will believe the last thing we’re told.


There’s reason to believe that’s truer than it should be.


I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ® 

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