Wednesday, July 15, 2020

4615 Deep State v Shallow State

Typical residents of the Shallow State prepare for a shoreline picnic.

We hear all this ranting about the deep state.  What about the shallow state -- the one where you can see bottom, or at least hope to? Deep state is what Shallowers call the people who make government work, such as it occasionally does.  

Career this-es and thats abound. Career diplomats, prosecutors, teachers, sanitation workers, cops, reporters, soldiers, etc. are common in most cultures.  Grunts. Peasants. Regulars. Without these people, nothing gets done.  You can swim in the deep state and it’s deep enough to drown.  But now you can also drown in the shallow state.

The shallow state was ready to send every kid back to physical school.  The deep state opposed and won.  The shallow state wanted to cancel visas for foreign college students. The deep state opposed, along with a gaggle of college and university presidents.  A vocal minority, of course. But an influential one when they stop dithering.

Meantime, the shallow state says the deep state, and some governors are doing an about-face and moving to re-close some businesses. 
Some people in Texas, Arizona and Florida would rather drink in crowded saloons than save the lives of their friends, neighbors and children. So even officials in the low IQ states (Thank you, Jimmy Breslin) are getting the message. 

All elected politicians are fear driven.  Now, Republican governors and federal and state legislators have to decide what they fear most, trump or the voters.  It’s not a hard decision for someone whose life goal is getting either reelected or elected to the next vacant higher office.

The shallow end of this pool is where the danger lurks. Swim for your lives.


(NEW YORK) -- NBC says Jimmy Fallon will soon return to the studio but there’ll be no audience.  That’s kind of the way it was when he was doing the show from home.  The audience didn’t watch then, either.

(SACRAMENTO) -- The troubled McClatchy newspaper company, one of the largest in the US, has sold itself to a hedge fund. If it passes muster with their bankruptcy judge, people who create zombies out of living news outlets will soon own papers in 30 cities, large and small. 
What is the opposite of a transfusion?

-Anyone feeling sorry for Jeff Sessions today?
-Anyone feeling sorry for Ghislaine Maxwell?
-Anyone want a ticket to Hong Kong?
-Or Miami?
-Or Brasilia?
-Anyone still using no fee broker Robinhood?

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