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4617 trump Family Values

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Mary trump’s book teaches us something about families that she probably never intended.  Dysfunctional families are as common as air.  But they take on a whole intensified evil when there’s big money involved.

“Too Much and Never Enough” describes trump family values through the eyes of a grandniece and niece of Fred and donald, two men you would never have heard of if it weren’t for money.

Ms. trump is a psychologist and former worker in her uncle donald’s fiction factory.  So she’s pretty well qualified to tell us what life was like.  And it wasn’t all that different from your all-American screwed up family’s.  The book’s back cover blurb says the president of the United States hasn’t changed since he was a little kid.  A liar, a showboat unable to read social cues, learn or admit he’s wrong about anything.

But, she says, he was great at self-promotion and hype. And if that were a virtue, trump would be a saint.

Meantime, his tantrums of “terrible two” carry into the chronological age of the man with the nuclear codes, the duty to nominate justices of the Supreme Court, and to roll back social progress older than he is. 

The book is full of cute little anecdotes. Like how donald and his sister went to the movies as his older brother was rushed to the hospital where he died of an alcohol fueled heart attack. 

The primary villain here seems not to be the president, but his father, Fred, a money grasping outer borough twit who pompously ruled with an iron fist in an iron glove.

So, is Mary trump a disgruntled and disinherited relative with a Ph.D. and a need for attention that matches her crazy uncle’s in the White House?  You can make a case for that.  But you’ll never get a conviction.


(WASHINGTON) -- The Secretary of Defense has established new standards for displaying flags on US bases.  They exclude the confederate stars-&-bars without mentioning it by name.

(ALBANY, NY) -- Governor Andrew Cuomo has ruled that bars cannot serve adult beverages to anyone who doesn’t buy food and who wasn’t seated.  Smart barkeeps across New York are selling patrons small bags of potato chips for a buck. The state’s legal people say that allows people through a loophole in the law.

(HARRISBURG PA) -- Pennsylvania’s new restrictions are more specific.  You have to buy an actual meal in order to drink.

Today’s Quote:
“He’s a gnat… push him away or swat him.” -- US Senator Tammy Duckworth (D- IL) On Tucker Carlson, the Fox News talker who called her a coward.  Duckworth lost both her legs in combat in the middle east.

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