Monday, July 27, 2020

4620 Play Nice, then Poison the Well

Daffy Duck’s slightly less famous sister believes a leading American scientist developed the Coronavirus then shipped it overnight to Wuhan where it infected a dinner bat which infected a diner who’d bitten off its head.

How crazy do you have to be to get rejected by Sinclair Broadcasting?  Apparently, very.  But it does happen.

Sinclair is one of the largest owners of small and medium market television stations.  Politically, they make Fox look positively Soviet. They don’t have a network of their own which makes them look innocent. They just have a jillion TV stations which are affiliated with the majors (and Fox.) They play at being local, while feeding scripts and programs to their properties. You think your favorite local newscaster in Greater Metropolitan Boondock is a right wing nut job, but the signal comes in well? 

Guess again. When he goes on a tirade, he’s reading a script supplied by Sinclair headquarters.  You can find the same script read by locals in 81 markets. Word for word.  It’s in the job description.

One of the programs headquarters enforcers compel their stations to carry is called “America This Week.” And on the shelf is a version that features the sister of Daffy Duck, Judy Mikovits, champion of the anti-vaxxers and the woman who says Anthony Fauci cooked up the CORONA 19 virus, shipped it to Wuhan and set it loose upon the world.

The program will remain a shelf tape for now.

When real news people heard about it, they arose in a Sinclair-like chorus of anger.  First the tele-monster issued a statement saying they’re only running it because they believe in free speech.

In another couple of eye-blinks, they changed their minds. Pulled the program. Decided to see if they can add context.

Translation: “We can save the program but we have to cut out Daffy’s sibling.  She’s too much, even for us freedom-of-speech-loving simple businesspeople.”

Have they suddenly grown a conscience? No. They just asked their cadre of local weathermen which way the wind was blowing. 

(PORTLAND OR) -- Demonstrators have found a workaround for the teargas lobbed at them by trump’s stormtroopers. They’ve harnessed leaf blowers, those annoying, powerful machines people use to get their leaves and grass clippings to your lawn from theirs.  The blowers blow the fumes back at the stormtroopers.  Observers say this really works.

(SEATTLE) -- There are nine independently owned hardware stores in your metro area.  Also, there are three each of Wal-mart, Lowes, Ace, and Sears.  That’s 20 different places likely to stock leaf blowers. What are you waiting for?

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