Wednesday, July 29, 2020

4621 A Tale of Two Senators

(L to R) Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AK) and David Perdue (R-GA) share a relaxing moment on the Senate Chamber wall. While they disagree on what time it is, the certainly agree on why we had slavery and the size of Jewish noses.

Senator Rand Paul, says the New Yorker Magazine’s Andy Borowitz, is grateful to Senator Tom Cotton for replacing him as the most hated man in the US Senate.  Maybe Andy spoke too soon. The race for that prize is still on. Coming up on the outside approaching the final turn is the little-known Sen. David Perdue of Georgia who is running for reelection.

What’s Cotton’s problem? He seems to think slavery was an important reason that the US became a country. In a way he’s right. Without slavery this country never would be what it is today, a cauldron of racial hatred, bigotry and stupidity.  If that’s what he wants it to be… well, that’s what he got. When he says slavery is what the founders wanted, you know he flunked 6th grade history.

Now, what about Cotton’s co-clock, David Perdue of Georgia. He’s campaigning on two issues. 

1. The “Democrats are trying to buy Georgia.” 

What’s the price?  It’s probably lower than David wants it to be. After all, it’s an old beater of a used car. 

There are no Certified Used States.  Especially when you kick its tires and find traces of cross burnings, Klan rallies, poverty, peaches, roadside rest stops and Ted Turner, the man who single-handedly killed television.  Also, labor laws that allow union busting companies, Tobacco Road and a heater that’s always on full blast.

Nobody wants to buy Georgia. Not even Jimmy Carter.

Issue 2: His opponent, Jon Ossoff is Jewish. Perdue’s ad shows a picture of Ossoff with an extended and broadened nose. The so-called Jewish nose is one of history’s earliest antisemitic tropes. 

The Perdue campaign says it was a “mistake,” committed by an outside and unidentified vendor.  Yeah, sure.  The story first appeared in “The Forward,” formerly a respected and venerable newspaper, now a website.  Its reporter asks “Does anybody believe Perdue’s explanation?”  Bridge for sale. Also:

I report. You decide. (And thanks to the late Roger Ailes for the stupidest motto in the history of news.)

(WASHINGTON) -- First Lady Milania trump has announced a major “renewal” project for the White House Rose Garden. Sen. Mitch McConnell says he won’t let that to come to a vote so the next president can decide which kind of roses to improve.

(BRONX, NY) -- “President” trump announced he was going to throw out the first ball of the Yankees’ home opener at the stadium. The Yankees said in a statement “Huh? No one told us.” Later trump withdrew the announcement.

“We have picked up the ball where Germany dropped it…” --Jodie Davis who owns the American Cuckoo Clock Company which makes modern cuckoo clocks in Georgia and also sells those from Germany for those who prefer Old World Designs.

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