Wednesday, July 22, 2020

4618 Do You Trust Your Politicians?

When this guy grows legs and lungs, he will replace your Congressman, will serve for life and serve you for dinner.

A show of hands, please.  The nays have it. And why WOULD you trust these landsharks and sea sponges?  

The goal of any politician these days is to keep his or her job. Nothing more.  The person will say anything that makes you thinks he’s worth keeping and do anything possible to make sure you can’t get rid of him.

Congressman or State Legislator for life?  Or Mayor? 

Yes, barring term limits (an ANTIFA plot if ever there was one,) every day brings news of a five term senator or a 14 term Representative or a guy who was first elected sheriff when he was 25 celebrating his 85th birthday. Sixty years on the job.  

But it doesn’t really matter how long they got where they are by being the vertebrate version of bedbugs, tics or fleas, so small you can hardly see them and so vicious they eat their young.

How often have you heard someone say “My representative doesn’t represent me or anyone else I know?” This is the cry of someone who lives in a gerrymandered district that is shaped like a melanoma mole and caters to the “other” party -- whichever that may be.

Does your mayor respond to your emails?  Only in an election year and even then, only with a typical form letter.  “Thank you for your opinion and I will certainly take that into consideration…” is the equivalent of a death kiss.

The current “president” and his cronies have eroded trust in those we elect.  They’ve brought survivalist hate-the-government values to ordinary citizens.  And this may be the worst side effect in their medicine cabinet of dangerous thoughts, actions and bad drugs.

“He quit on you.” -- Joe Biden addressing home care and employment issues on president trump’s staff saying “he’s no longer ‘working’ the COVID 19 problem.”

(WASHINGTON) -- The TV reality show “Apprentice 2.0” resumed its first run season last night.  During it, President You’re Fired announced that the COVID thing would get worse before it gets better. You have to wonder why that is.  Maybe ask the Governor of Georgia.

(WASHINGTON) -- The “president” wants the census bureau to stop counting illegal immigrants. Is that constitutional? If so, who’s next? 

-How long before a real network lures Chris Wallace from Fox?
-What do you think will happen to your health insurance premiums as of 1/1/2021? (a) Not much. (b) It will rise faster than steam from a ConEd leak. (c) What health insurance?
-Do you miss taking pictures of your restaurant meals and posting them on Facebook and Instagram?
-Do finance managers at car dealers attend classes in how to slip extra charges in sales contracts or is that covered in their on the job training?
-On line car buying companies are growing. Carvana, Carmax and others are starting to eat into local dealers’ sales.  Will we see a lot of dealers folding?
-Why can’t someone invent a band-aid you can get out of its wrapper and remove the tape over the adhesive without sticking to itself?

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
Any Questions?
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